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The entire VOBA family celebrates with Arch. Hartinsha Bankat (AFLPMA, MDA, M.HCD,KSM,JP) alias HART B, the  newly appointed General Manager of the Jos Metropolitan Development Board (JMDB). With a stellar career in the construction industry and Hart B brings a wealth of expertise and a vision for a brighter future for Jos. 

Hartinsha Bankat’s illustrious journey to this prestigious position is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence. Before being entrusted with the responsibilities of the JMDB, he served as the esteemed GMD/CEO of MAYSU GROUP, where he spearheaded numerous successful projects and made a significant impact in the construction sector. His ability to lead with precision and creativity has earned him respect and admiration among peers and professionals alike.

With an illustrious history of working in the construction industry, Hart B has exemplified what it means to be an exceptional architect. His ability to conceptualize and design structures that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality has left an indelible mark on the urban landscape. Through his work, he has contributed to building communities that stand as a testament to sustainable development and architectural brilliance.

Hartinsha Bankat’s appointment as the General Manager of JMDB would not have been possible without the wisdom and discernment of the executive Governor of Plateau State, Bar. Caleb Mwutfwang. His vision for a better Jos and confidence in Hart B’s abilities have set the stage for a transformative period in the city’s development.

As we celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in Jos’s history, let us extend our heartfelt congratulations to Hartinsha Bankat (Hart B) on this well-deserved appointment. We are eager to witness the positive changes and developments that will unfold under his capable leadership. With his experiences, education, and dedication, we have no doubt that Jos will reach new heights of prosperity and become a shining example of urban development.


Here’s to a bright future and the remarkable journey that lies ahead! Congratulations, Hartinsha Bankat!

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